October 2020 Reading Group Launch

Mark Fisher and Adam Curtis, the Future is still ours: Ctrl Network Reading Group Launch

Summer 2020 K-punk Quarantined

March 2020 Teach Outs

Non-Places, Simulacra and Simulation (March 3rd, The Bristol Pear)

The first of our sessions will follow a break-out format, and will focus on extracts from Marc Augé’s Non-Places, alongside Jean Baudrillard’s writing on Disneyland and the Watergate Scandal in Simulacra and Simulation. In Non-Places, Marc Augé considers spaces symptomatic of modernity; locations where we spend large portions of our time, but with only a partial awareness of their affects, such as: supermarkets, shopping centres, motorways, airports, and hotels. In the second work, and in slight contrast to the first, Baudrillard reads Disneyland as the “real” America. That is to say as a sort of fantasy waste-plant that allows the rest of America (explicitly Los Angeles) to present itself as if it were the “real” America, when it is no less imaginary than Disneyland itself.

There will be no preparatory reading for this session. Instead, a handout will be provided and we invite participants to think about their own encounters with Non-Places. As this is a strike themed teach-out, we are particularly interested in considering University space as both a non-place, and an environment that acts as a microcosm for the “reality” of the workspace, and the “outer world”. There is also room for wider discussion, which may be instigated through the relation Baudrillard’s writing has to recent Tweets made by Donald Trump about the Russian interference with the Democratic Primaries.

Mark Fisher – DIY Lecture Screening (March 10th, The Bristol Pear)

Following the success of our previous teach-out, we will also be screening Mark Fisher’s DIY Lecture.  Performing at the Tillburg Music Festival in 2012, Fisher speaks about DIY culture with his usual high-quality improvisation, and politically prescient riffs and digressions. This screening will be followed by an open discussion of the Lecture, and how it relates to the strikes (sort of like a seminar).

Spring 2020 Schedule

Poster by Adam Lilley, illustration by Josie Lilley-Byrne

Winter 2019 Schedule

Poster by Adam Lilley, illustration by Josie Lilley-Byrne

Summer 2019 Schedule

  • 4th of June (week 1): Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism: ‘It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of Capitalism’, and ‘Capitalism and the Real’ (w/ a video by Simon Oribek) (Full audio book also available here)
  • 11th of June (week 2): Isabelle Stengers, Another Science is Possible/A Manifesto for Slow Science, ”Another Science is Possible’, A Plea for Slow Science’
  • 18th of June (week 3): Eugene Thacker, In The Dust of This Planet, ‘Preface: Clouds of Unknowing’, and ‘1. Three Quaestio on Demonology’ (as much as you like, we realise this is a lot)
  • 25th of June (week 4): Catherine Malabou, ‘The Brain of History or The Mentality of the Anthropocene’
  • 2nd of July (week 5): Aria Dean, e-flux, ‘Notes on Blacceleration’. If you’d prefer to listen to an abridged version of the article by Aria Dean, this can be found here. As a bonus, Aria’s Q&A is WELL WORTH listening to at the end of her video.
  • 9th of July (week 6): Rebekah Sheldon, ‘Form/Matter/Chora: Object-Oriented Ontology and Feminist New Materialism’

Spring 2019 Schedule

  • Week 1 (5/2/19): ‘Frankenstein and Ecocriticism’ – Timothy Morton
  • Week 2 (12/2/19): ‘Tentacular Thinking: Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Cthulhucene’ – Donna J. Haraway
  • Week 3 (19/2/19): ‘Thinking Blind’ – Steven Shaviro
  • Week 4 (26/2/19): ‘We Machinic Subjects’ – Hardt & Negri
  • Week 5 (5/3/19): ‘Waiting for Gaia’ – Bruno Latour
  • Week 6 (19/3/19): ‘Slow Violence Introduction’ – Rob Nixon
  • Week 7 (23/3/19): ‘Geotrauma and the Eco-clinic: Nature, Violence, and Ideology’ – Tim Matts & Aidan Tynan