Futurity in Crisis

Our Alluvium special issue ‘Futurity in Crisis’ is now here! We’re very excited to share this edition with you which contains the work of 8 fantastic authors and features photographs by our very own Benjamin Horn.

We’ll be holding a virtual launch event to discuss these incredible papers and the topic more generally of futurity in crisis. The event will be held online Thursday 24th June, 1-3pm (BST). If you’d like to join us, just get in touch.

Here’s a list of what’s included in this special issue:

Graphics by J. Lilley-Byrne

Editors: Niall Gallen, Josie Lilley-Byrne, Benjamin Horn and Arzu Bali, “Alluvium Editorial 9.3: Futurity in Crisis”

‘Passing’ by Benjamin Horn

Paul Graham Raven, “From predictive product to polyphonic practices: techniques of futuring beyond business-as-usual”

‘Branching Paths’ by Benjamin Horn

Laura op de Beke, Procedural Futurism in Climate Change Videogames

‘Music has the right to children’ by Benjamin Horn

Gary Charles, “Archived Futures: Digging In The Crates Of Always”

‘Robot Trees’ by Benjamin Horn

Dan Heaven, “‘The Future Starts with an Image’: Wanuri Kahui’s Pumzi (2009)” 

‘Neoarchaism’ by Benjamin Horn

Joe P. L. Davidson, “Aristocratic realism: Within and against feudalism in English future fiction” 

‘Kurtz’ by Benjamin Horn

Nicholas Stock, “Education, a monstrous thief of the future” 

‘The Damned Utd’ by Benjamin Horn

Emily Pratten & Henry Price, Lay Down and Rot: Incels and Lost Futures 

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these fantastic papers, and hope to see you soon at the launch event!

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