Happy New Year!

WTF is Going On? Returns Tomorrow

We’re back from our winter break, and we’re launching into the New Year with Session 3 of WTF is Going On?

This session will take place on January 12th at 1pm GMT

We invite all to discuss whatever is making you ask or helping you make sense of what the f**k is going on right now (we’re looking at you again America). This can be anything you’re currently reading, watching or listening to. The session will be open, informal and friendly with no required reading beforehand. To help kick us back into things we’ve made two suggestions on conspiracy:

Want to join us?

Everyone is welcome to join and can bring whatever they want to to the session. We’ve emailed a link to everyone on our mailing list. Not on our mailing list and want to join? Get in touch.

We’ll be sending out links for future WTF is Going On? sessions every month to our mailing list and discord – so feel free to join whenever you fancy!

Upcoming events

Our third Postcapitalist Desire Reading Group ‘From Class Consciousness to Group Consciousness’ is also happening later this month. If you’d like to join this in-depth analysis, please get in touch by email or on Twitter to register and see full details on our website.

New Year Schedule:

Tuesday 12th January, 1-3pm – WTF

Tuesday 26th January, 1-3pm – Postcapitalist Desire Lecture 3: From Class Consciousness to Group Consciousness

Tuesday 9th February, 1-3pm – WTF

Tuesday 23rd February, 1-3pm – Postcapitalist Desire Lecture 4: Union Power and Soul Power

Tuesday 9th March, 1-3pm – WTF

Tuesday 23rd of March – Postcapitalist Desire Lecture 5: Libidinal Marxism

See you on the net,

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