Next Week, Postcapitalist Desire #5 – Libidinal Marxism

We’re under a week away from our monthly Postcapitalist Desires reading group session, which will cover the fifth (and final) of Mark Fisher’s final lecture transcripts on Tuesday 23rd of March 1-3pm (GMT). If you haven’t yet registered for a link to the sessions, but would like to, please email or DM us on Twitter and we’ll set you up! 

As always with our Postcapitalist Desires sessions, it’s up to you how far you wish to delve into each lecture as there’s a wealth of material in each, but we do ask as a minimum that you read the relevant lecture transcript before the session.

In addition to lecture transcript #5 – ‘Libidinal Marxism’, should you wish, the extra reading for this session is:

  • Jean-François Lyotard, “The Desire Named Marx” in Libidinal Economy (London: Athlone Press, 1993), pp. 95–149


Like all of our series, these events are online and free. If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time – get in touch and we’ll add you to the list. We’ll be sending out a Zoom link to everyone on the list nearer the time. Once you’ve registered, you don’t need to confirm attendance for each session – we’ll send you a fresh link every month. You also don’t need to commit to every session – just attend what you fancy (even if you miss the first session, there is more than enough material in each lecture for discussion).

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