Who Stole the Future?

Guest Lecture: Who Stole the Future? Exploring Incel Victimisation

Henry Price and Emily Pratten, 7th December, 1-3pm GMT

Graphics by J. Lilley-Byrne

We began our winter programme with a delve into the fascinating but troubling world of Incels (or involuntary celibates) with our first guest lecture from Henry Price and Emily Pratten: ‘Who Stole The Future? Exploring Incel Victimisation’. For those who missed this excellent event, the recording is now available to watch! Please see a link below and a list of recommended reading from our group chat.

Watch It

Further Reading

How to Philosophize with a Hammer and Sickle: Nietzsche and Marx for the 21st Century, Jonas Ceika

Waypoint: Timenergy, Critical Media Theory and Culture War, Theorypleeb

Men Who Hate Women, Laura Bates

Popular Feminism vs Popular Misogyny, Sarah Banet-Weiser

Seduction, Rachel O’Neill

 ‘Lay Down and Rot: Incels and Lost Futures’, in Alluvium: Futurity in Crisis, Henry Price and Emily Pratten

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