Week 1

Popular and Counter Culture: an Introduction

‘Sorcerers don’t create, they participate.’

– Mark Fisher, ‘White Magic’, 199X, para. 45.

Speaker: Niall Gallen

Introducing the work and career of Mark Fisher, this session will begin with a discussion about Fisher’s early career and the work he produced while he was a member of the CCRU. This will involve looking at passages from his essay ‘White Magic’. We will then introduce Fisher’s mid-period of work by focusing on his early blog material, in particular ‘Robot Historian in the Ruins’ (2009), and his pop cultural journalism, as with ‘Fading Privilege: Girls’ (2014). We will then open the floor to a wider discussion of these texts and the presence of Pop culture in both Fisher’s work, and theory more generally.



K-Punk Quarantined Week 1 Popular and Counter Culture session recording

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