Postcapitalist Desire

Postcapitalist Desire: Mark Fisher Lectures Winter Reading Group

Every month we read and discuss Mark Fisher’s final 5 lectures in Matt Colquhoun’s latest book Postcapitalist Desire. Taking the book chapter by chapter over the course of 5 months, there is a wealth of material to discuss. Besides the transcript of each lecture (which we will treat as required reading), each lecture has additional reading lists prepared by Mark and an accompanying soundtrack. You can prepare as little or as much as you like on top of the minimum transcript reading, and only attend the sessions you like. The lectures cover a variety of fascinating topics:

This series will be a little more formal and structured in its approach which is why we plan to meet monthly, giving everyone ample time to digest the reading and do as much or little extra as they wish. 

Attendees will need a copy of Matt’s book as we can’t supply this. You can buy the ebook here: Postcapitalist Desire.

How to get involved: Sessions will happen over Zoom. You can register for this series by emailing or messaging us on Twitter. We’re only sending Zoom links to those who register to ensure spaces are available.

Winter 2020 schedule:

  • Tuesday 24th November, 1-3pm – Lecture 1
  • Tuesday 15th December, 1-3pm – Lecture 2

New Year schedule:

  • Tuesday 26th January, 1-3pm – Lecture 3
  • Tuesday 23rd February, 1-3pm – Lecture 4
  • Tuesday 23rd March, 1-3pm – Lecture 5
  • Tuesday 12th April, 1-3pm – Introduction ‘No More Miserable Monday Mornings’
  • Wednesday 21st April, 1-3pm – Matt Colquhoun Guest Lecture