7th December: Who Stole the Future? Exploring Incel Victimisation

After a rather long break, we are back with an exciting line-up of online winter guest lectures. Like all of our events, these are online, free, and open to everyone. We hope to see you all there!

Guest Lecture: Who Stole the Future? Exploring Incel Victimisation

Guest Lecture: Henry Price and Emily Pratten, with special guests PGR Feminisms, 7th December, 1-3pm GMT, Online via Zoom

Graphics by J. Lilley-Byrne

We kick start our winter programme with a delve into the fascinating but troubling world of Incels (or involuntary celibates) with our first guest lecture: ‘Who Stole The Future? Exploring Incel Victimisation’. We are delighted to welcome Henry Price and Emily Pratten who will be talking about their recent work in this area. You may remember their excellent paper in our special ‘Futurity in Crisis’ summer edition of Alluvium journal, ‘Lay Down and Rot: Incels and Lost Futures’. We will also be joined by special guests from the PGR Feminisms group for our discussion, so this session is not to be missed.

After Henry and Emily’s lecture, there will be a chance for questions, followed by an open discussion of the topic.

To register and receive a Zoom link, email contemptheoryuob@gmail.com or DM us on twitter @Theory_UoB. Everyone is welcome – we hope you can join us!

What else is on?

We’ll be releasing our full programme soon with details of exciting guest lectures. In the meantime…


Between Sound and Concept: Listening with the CCRU

8th December, 11am-5pm, Shop Front Theatre, Coventry 

Members interested in Mark Fisher’s work might also be interested in an upcoming symposium as part of the Coventry Bienniel taking place Wednesday 8th December, 11am-5pm. Tickets can be bought here.


Matt Colquhoun: A Brief History of the New

We’ve (finally) uploaded the recording from Matt Colquhoun’s fantastic guest lecture which rounded off our Postcapitalist Desire reading group in the spring. Matt’s lecture, ‘A Brief History of the New’ can be watched here.

We look forward to seeing you all on the net,

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Watch: Matt Colquhoun ‘A Brief History of the New’ Guest Lecture

After a bloody long break we’re dusting off the recording from Matt Colquhoun’s fantastic guest lecture in the Spring. Though April feels like a lifetime ago, Matt’s musings on the history of the new seem just as fresh now as they did then.

Matt kindly agreed to speak for us as we concluded our Postcapitalist Desire winter reading group, giving us, as always, not and ending, but a jumping off point for further enquiry. Here’s how he described the lecture:

“How do we free ourselves from the tyranny of the “post-“? Jumping off from Fisher’s unfinished lecture series, which ends with post-structuralism’s moment of absolute negation, this lecture will return to the philosophy’s beginnings, tracing a wandering line of abstraction from Heraclitus to the Ccru, considering how “the new” has been thought and we might begin to think “the new” anew again.”

You can read more about Matt’s thoughts on this lecture on his blog.

We hope you enjoy watching.

Futurity in Crisis

Our Alluvium special issue ‘Futurity in Crisis’ is now here! We’re very excited to share this edition with you which contains the work of 8 fantastic authors and features photographs by our very own Benjamin Horn.

We’ll be holding a virtual launch event to discuss these incredible papers and the topic more generally of futurity in crisis. The event will be held online Thursday 24th June, 1-3pm (BST). If you’d like to join us, just get in touch.

Here’s a list of what’s included in this special issue:

Graphics by J. Lilley-Byrne

Editors: Niall Gallen, Josie Lilley-Byrne, Benjamin Horn and Arzu Bali, “Alluvium Editorial 9.3: Futurity in Crisis”

‘Passing’ by Benjamin Horn

Paul Graham Raven, “From predictive product to polyphonic practices: techniques of futuring beyond business-as-usual”

‘Branching Paths’ by Benjamin Horn

Laura op de Beke, Procedural Futurism in Climate Change Videogames

‘Music has the right to children’ by Benjamin Horn

Gary Charles, “Archived Futures: Digging In The Crates Of Always”

‘Robot Trees’ by Benjamin Horn

Dan Heaven, “‘The Future Starts with an Image’: Wanuri Kahui’s Pumzi (2009)” 

‘Neoarchaism’ by Benjamin Horn

Joe P. L. Davidson, “Aristocratic realism: Within and against feudalism in English future fiction” 

‘Kurtz’ by Benjamin Horn

Nicholas Stock, “Education, a monstrous thief of the future” 

‘The Damned Utd’ by Benjamin Horn

Emily Pratten & Henry Price, Lay Down and Rot: Incels and Lost Futures 

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these fantastic papers, and hope to see you soon at the launch event!