Winter Seminar Series

CTRL Network Winter Guest Lectures continue…

Graphic by J. Lilley-Byrne

18th January 3-5pm *amended from 1-3pm* Dr. Başak Ağin and Şafak Horzum

Eloquent Natures, Ecofeminism, and Posthuman Materialities

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Başak Ağin and Şafak Horzum for their talk ‘Eloquent Natures, Ecofeminism, and Posthuman Materialities’.

Başak’s and Şafak’s research is concerned with the posthumanism, ecocriticism, and Speculative Realism, exploring worlds beyond the human. In this lecture-seminar, they will talk about their recent work in this area. Başak will open by challenging the opposition of ecofeminism and material feminisms, exploring how it paved the way for a defensive cases of new materialisms. She focuses on why such attacks have proved unfruitful for the development of feminisms as an overarching set of theories and practices that would otherwise benefit all. Drawing attention to the common points between ecofeminism and material ecocriticism, which she sees as the latest brainchild of new materialisms, she exemplifies these points by deriving her examples from the rewriting of Medusa myths in contemporary social networking platforms as well as Rumi’s poetry. In the second part, Şafak concentrates on posthuman materialities as eloquent, story-telling bodies, by referring to examples from various Western fictions ranging from Gulliver’s Travels to Alice series and twenty and twenty-first-century science fiction and fantasy novels. Moving towards an interactive talk with the audience, he will engage in conversations by thinking and talking through various genres and what it means to be a posthuman agentic body that narrates stories.

Dr. Başak Ağın is an Associate Professor of English Literature, TED University, Ankara, Turkey

Şafak Horzum is a PhD Candidate in English Literature, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

There will be a chance for a Q&A with our speakers, followed by an open discussion on the topic. Please note, the opening talk will be recorded, but the Q&A and discussions which follow will not.

1st February 1-3pm Christopher Griffin

New Labour, Neoliberalislam and the Multicultural Zeitroman

8th February 10am Dr. Gregory Marks

Apocalypse Never: Walter Benjamin and the Deferral of the End

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If you’d like to attend any or all of these lectures, get in touch via email ( or by DMing us on twitter (@Theory_UoB) and we’ll send you a Zoom link for each event nearer the time. Like all of our events, these lectures take place online, are completely free of charge, and all are welcome.