Week 3

The Weird and the Eerie: Thresholds of the Unknown

Speaker: Arzu Bali

This week, will focus on the “the modes of feeling” that Fisher elaborates in his book, The Weird and The Eerie (2016). Exploring the nuances Fisher outlines between the concepts of the uncanny and the weird and the eerie this session will consider all things “strange”. For Fisher, one of the main things that differentiates the uncanny from both the weird and the eerie is the latter’s way of engaging with the strange, the unfamiliar, and the outside. They are the “modes of feeling”; and “modes of being” that disturb anthropocentric perceptions.  The weird and the eerie are key concepts throughout Mark Fisher`s thought encompassing capitalism, nature, and art. As such, this session will focus on three strange metaphors in examples of fiction – curtains, holes and corridors – exploring their implications for the non-human turn in philosophy.

K-Punk Quarantined Week 3 The Weird and the Eerie session recording