Week 4

Hauntology and Music Writing

‘What has vanished is a tendency, a virtual trajectory.’

Mark Fisher, Ghosts of my Life, 2014

Speakers: Niall Gallen, Josie Lilley-Byrne, Ben Horn

Special Guests: Milad Mardakheh and Natalie Mason

This session will introduce Mark Fisher’s writing on Hauntology. In particular, we will focus on Fisher’s music criticism, as well as the themes explored in the first chapter of his notorious text Ghosts of My Life (2014). As this session follows on from Matt’s lecture, we also anticipate a further discussion of Matt’s ideas, as well as the relationship music has to theory more broadly.

For this session we will also be joined by special guest speakers, composer Milad Mardakheh, who uses data from cancer cells to create music, and Natalie Mason, who discusses the topic in context of her work and the Midlands music scene more broadly, also sharing her experience as a performer in a hauntological orchestra.

If you would like to hear more of Milad’s music or learn more about his projects, you can find him here:

K-Punk Quarantined Week 4 Music and Hauntology session recording