Week 5

Science Fiction: Capital, Fictions and Worlds to Come

Speaker: Ben Horn

This week, we will be examining the importance of science fiction and the practice of ‘science-fictioning’ in Fisher’s work, understood as the fashioning of new modes of existence through experiential narrative. Described as a ‘boring dystopia’ by Fisher, contemporary capitalism treats fictions of alternative modes of existence as dystopic invitations to totalitarianism or fanaticism. New fictions, for Fisher, are key to contesting this depressive reality. Science fiction offers the opportunity to break with the syntax of the present, so that it is not only about alternative modes of existence, but of them. We will examine Fisher’s K-Punk posts on the science fiction of Philip K. Dick and ‘Honeymoon in Disneyland’ to best explore SF’s role in fashioning an openness to the Outside.

K-Punk Quarantined Week 5 Science Fiction session recording