WTF is Going on?

Graphics by J Lilley-Byrne

What the F**k is Going On? 

An informal monthly meeting to discuss critical theory, articles, texts and new ideas that help us answer the question “what the fuck is going on right now?”. These sessions are friendly and informal, no required reading, and little prep ahead of time. We’ll be guided by you, and the interesting articles or niggling ideas you’ve come across that are helping you make sense of wtf is going on in the world right now, or have left you even more confused and frustrated than before! To start us off, we’re going to recommend an article or two to initially guide us, but after that, we’ll do what works best for the group. You can input as much or as little as you like and attend as many as you want. We start in November with monthly sessions alongside Postcap Desire so the two don’t overlap, but they may happen more frequently if there’s a taste for it in future.

How to get involved: Sessions will happen over Zoom. We’ll send out links to our mailing list – so if you want in, just subscribe by emailing or messaging us on Twitter.

Winter 2020 schedule:

  • Tuesday 10th November, 1-3pm
  • Tuesday 1st December, 1-3pm

New Year schedule:

  • Tuesday 12th January, 1-3pm
  • Tuesday 9th February, 1-3pm
  • Tuesday 9th March, 1-3pm

Footnotes for previous sessions

WTF #1 Tuesday 10th November

WTF #2 Tuesday 1st December

WTF #3 Tuesday 12th January

WTF #4 Tuesday 9th February

WTF #5 Tuesday 9th March